Nick and Sean present Cage Match

64 Nicolas Cage movies go head to head to ultimately answer the question, "What is the best Nic Cage movie of all time?"

Face/Off vs Jiu Jitsu
Gone in 60 Seconds vs Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
Raising Arizona vs Trapped in Paradise
Pig vs Left Behind
Willy’s Wonderland vs Snake Eyes

Two Cages enter, One Cage leaves.
This is Cage Match.

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Hours of Nicolas Cage movies watched so far...That's 7 days, 18 hours and 39 minutes.

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The Bracket

Cage Match tournament bracket


Willy's Wonderland vs Wild at Heart

Alright, y’all, we recorded this one Texas style with Nic Cage artist: Lunchbox. David Lynch’s 1990 Wild at Heart vs 2021’s Willy’s Wonderland. It’s someone’s birthday for sure so let’s celebrate with a nice round of Bobby Peru Fuck / Marry / Kill and a debate on the legality of face-sitting in the UK. This is Cage Match and we’re making our LUNCH!

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8MM vs Captain Corelli's Mandolin

The matchup of the bracket: Chris Bauer being a soft-body murder machine and Christian Bale's mom mocking his junk. Obviously this is 1999's 8MM and 2001's Captain Corelli's Mandolin. Special guest, and three time retuning guest, Adam, helps us unpack these two wildly dissimilar movies. Find out: Is one of these movies Snake Eyes? (no). Do we know anything about handguns? (no). Why is Nick so good at looking and sounding like an old lady? (only God knows). Come pick your favorite deviant. This is Cage Match.

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Guarding Tess vs Moonstruck

The bella luna is back, baby! This week we're joined by local guest and friend, Ian to chat about cop staches, family love (yuck), Nick's new crypto, and getting a Bobo in your life. Obviously we're discussing 1994's Guarding Tess and 1987's Moonstruck. Come be charmed by Cher as she tries to pronounce "wolf" and enjoy Nic Cage shooting a dude's toe off. This is Cage Match!

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Con Air vs Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Chris Coffel (Film School Rejects, Bloody Disgusting, Rocket League) joins the gang to fight the good fight. Our bone-y boy returns to take on the flowing locks and round-house kicks of Cameron Poe. This is Con Air vs Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Find out the best hell vehicle, get your suck tubes ready and turn up the M.C. Gainey. Hon hon hon, this is Cage Match!

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Mom & Dad vs Mandy
Mom & Dad vs MandyApril 4, 2024

Special guest Brian Kim McCormick joins us mostly to talk about Nick’s new calling in life as the writer of Human Centipede 4. We also dive into the joys of Brian Talyor’s Mom and Dad (2017) and the beautiful grotesque that is Panos Cosmotos’ Mandy (2018). We’ve got Buffalo Bill tuck n’ posin’, we’ve got Producer Peter singing, we’ve got at least four buttholes…This is Cage Match.

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Bringing Our the Dead vs Joe

Cage Dancer, John, joins us again to talk Scorsese's Bringing Out the Dead and David Gordon Green's Joe. On the one hand: I.B. Bangin, double dipping on beef lo mein, and Griss. On the other hand: cool faces, poison axes and the weirdest blowjob. Sean learns what it's like to remote record but also learns the joys of the Discord sound board. This is Cage Match

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The Weather Man vs The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

It's the return of Darryl Edge (Cage Rage, Getting Dafoe You) and somehow we didn't make a single edging joke. We break down the merits of The Weather Man and The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. Meta, meme-centric Cage vs ASMR Cage and a whole mess of fast food. Join the Sad Lads Club to discuss what snakes even look like, how dictionaries used to be organized, and which jam eating bear is best bear. This is Cage Match

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National Treasure vs The Rock

2 Chains and JNCO jeans…Get ready to bust a ball in your mouth, it’s The Rock vs National Treasure. Double beans: Sean Bean and Michael Biehn but nary a Mr to be seen. Combustable trolleys and the most dangerous anal beads. Learn the secrets of Turtling from special guest and friend of the pod: Seth! This is Cage Match

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Vampire's Kiss vs Color Out of Space

Cage Match had a blast with the Cage’s Kiss podcast when they joined us to talk about two truly wacky performances. Vampire’s Kiss walked so Color Out of Space could show alpaca boobs. Are these two of the wildest performances from Cage at two very different junctures in his life? What the fuck is an indescribable color…and where is the g-spot?  Is it okay to be drunk and a little bit horny? This is Cage Match

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Raising Arizona vs Peggy Sue Got Married

The Cage Match crew are joined by Seattle musician Alex Guy to talk time travel, stupid voices, and wild hair. Raising Arizona's H.I. McDunnough takes on Crazy Charlie in Peggy Sue Got Married. The battle of cartoon crazy hair and an absolutely unhinged voice. We all have our own internal great white jag or maybe it's just a convenience store not even on the way home. Plus! Find out how big a weird goopy Sasquatch can grow in one hour. This is Cage Match

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